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The convergence of social, mobile, AI, cloud, and big data technologies has resulted in an innovation explosion of TAT tools and solutions ("smart weaponry" in "the war for talent") at the disposal of hirers, staffing firms, and work seekers.  

How to find the right skills, knowledge, capabilities in the right person to “get the job done?” This is the fundamental problem of “talent acquisition.”  Sounds simple, but it is not.  And for most businesses, “talent acquisition” has become a “high-precision, high stakes” game (whether it pertains to high-volume commodity jobs or low-volume highly skilled specialist positions).  Filling those jobs with the right person, just-in-time, is more and more critical.

Though not entirely visible yet, “long-gone are the days” of vaguely-worded “job postings” and piles of “resumes” (whether in paper or digitized form).  In the new “war for talent,” battles are being decided in hours and minutes, and now hundreds (perhaps thousands) of new “weapons suppliers” have entered the market with a new experimental arsenal of IT-based tools and services to find and secure the needed talent, faster and more accurately than ever before. Each—whether a “big-data” sourcing capability, a video interviewing solution, or an AI-driven testing and assessment “service”—makes an action/results claim on which a sourcing and recruiting organization’s success (or survival) may rest.  

But how to differentiate the effective solutions for a given organization versus those that will have little impact or potentially become a lethal drag?  This process starts with an understanding of the broad and diverse TAT industry of new solution providers and how they are creating a new ecosystem of networked, data-heavy talent acquisition capabilities.

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Talent Acquisition technology (TAT)