"Having worked with Andrew for many years in Sales and Marketing, Business Development and M&A activities I can say he has the deepest analytical and market research skills of anyone I’ve ever worked with. His contributions both expanded our market footprint but also our understanding of our market and competitors. His Business Development work lead to increased partnerships and ultimately increased revenues. Highly recommended."

-Chris Anderson. President at Varsity Logistics, Inc. and Logimax, Inc.

The Research Platform (TRP) serves small to large businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs with information, analysis, and advisory services focused to emerging areas of opportunity or threat, especially where communications and information technology (CIT) is increasingly having a transformative and/or disruptive impact on businesses, industries, supply chains and ecosystems.  TRP will tend to engage multiple clients which have interests/needs within TRP’s established research focus areas (generally, TRP will not pursue research for a client in a new area, unless it is likely it can become an established area of on-going research focus for TRP).   

The types of services TRP offers to its clients range from live briefings to physical reports that address basic information about dimensions of a particular area (e.g., market size, type, number and identity of suppliers, trends, etc.) to more in-depth, customized analyses of certain questions or issues which may be relevant to a particular client.  Specialized business advisory services are also provided to support strategic planning, forecasting/scenario building, product-marketing planning, investments and M&A.

About The Research Platform

"I worked closely with Andrew at NAREX (FICO) and was extremely impressed with his tremendous expertise in the variety of areas, including strategic business analysis, planning and development around new or mature products/markets, full-life-cycle product management, development of partnerships.. He was able to work with different groups and different levels at be able to relate and communicate with them at their level. I would strongly recommend. "

-Prakash Tilwani, Vice President, Technology at Symphony IRI Group

Andrew Karpie has over 30 years of experience in business analysis and research related to the application of information technology--and the evolution of different outcomes--in a range of different services businesses (in particular, businesses that perform intermediation functions in a “service (supply) chain” or “service ecosystem”).  He has worked extensively in the roles of analyst, senior manager, consultant, advisory board member, and entrepreneur across different industries (including telecommunications, software, information services and publishing, insurance claims processing, credit receivables processing, logistics, employee benefits, translation/localization, and workforce staffing, et al).  Across these industries, he has worked in and with numerous companies (young and mature, small and large), including ADP, Crain Communications (Staffing Industry Analysts), and a range of emerging online work platform businesses.  He holds a Master of Science degree from Carnegie Mellon University in quantitative policy analysis and is the author of numerous research reports, analyses, and articles.

Endorsements for ANDREW KARPIE

About Andrew Karpie, Principal and Chief Analyst

The Research Platform

"Andrew and I worked closely together for four years. Andrew worked on company's strategy, product vision as well as channel partnerships while I was in charge of the technology. Andrew is one of the best analysts I have ever met. He has a great ability to constantly collect market data and combine them into a coherent vision and strategy that a company can thrive on. Another amazing strength is Andrew's ability to uncover strategy or product combinations that are sometimes counterintuitive and on the surface even look contradictory. Yet, Andrew can not only find them, but also explain, justify and help operationalize them. Time and time again those non-intuitive ideas ended up giving us an edge in winning deals or entering new markets. I highly recommend."

-Alex Freedland, Co-Founder and Chairman at Mirantis, Inc.