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Online labor platforms

Digital platform-based businesses (the likes of Amazon, Airbnb, LinkedIn, et al) are among the most powerful forces of disruption and transformation across many industries in the early 21st century. Investors are becoming aware that these business models are at an early stage of evolution.

The convergence of social, mobile, AI, cloud, and big data technologies has resulted in an innovation explosion of TAT tools and solutions ("smart weaponry" in "the war for talent") at the disposal of hirers, staffing firms, and work seekers.

With the rise of modern,    digitally-based service-dominant economies has come a paradigm shift: value creation, exchange, and business economics are being increasingly viewed within a new framework based on "services" (as opposed to industrial production of consumable physical products).

Platform Business ModelS

Talent Acquisition Technology

Service Science


Online "work intermediation plat-forms," like Elance, oDesk, and others, are revolutionizing how work can be arranged and performed. Interest in this area has become intense among entrepreneurs, in-vestors, and staffing firms.

Current Research

We live and act as economic agents (planners, decision makers, investors, and consumers) in a digital world that is increasingly inundated with data and symbols ("the artificial," as it was termed by Herbert Simon). New opportunities and threats often emerge unseen under a fog of stale infor-mation and static, anchored points-of-view.


But such developments are not fully invisible, and they are missed only due to inattention and the failure to apply the requisite monitoring, the relevant information collection, and the right pattern and trend recognition capabilities that can lead to the construction of new actionable insights.


By pursuing research and analysis of this type, we deliver valuable information and insights to organizations and individuals who may (or may not) be "sensing" that  they must cope with and respond to impending changes, which are not getting clearly registered and correctly interpreted within the tactical, operational mind-sets of execution-oriented managers.